Sunday, 4 January 2015

Personal Favorites From 2104

2014 has been an important and a disappointing year for me . Learned some of the most important lessons of life this year . Been through some really hard and unexpected moments but they left a lesson for me .I didn’t take too many pictures this year , here is the list of some of my favorite photos from 2014 . 
Many thanks to Almighty Allah for helping me out in my difficult times of the year and thanks to my family and friends for being with me . Please keep me in your prayers .

Friday, 2 January 2015

Trails .

 Light leaves a trail behind like time , love and dreams .

Every second we are losing something . We are losing moments and our life time depends on these moments .  We become wiser every moment , every time our heart breaks it becomes stronger and every broken dreams is a inspiration for another one . This is the circle of life . What goes around comes around in various ways .  You just can't quit , if you quit you will never win .