Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Nightmares are nothing but dreams .

Well I’ve dreamed many dreams but most of them turned in to Black and White just like my photographs .  How about some words from Imagine dragons ? 

In the dark
And I’m right on the middle mark
I’m just in the tier of everything that rides below the surface
And I watch from a distance seventeen
And I’m short of the others dreams of being golden and on top
It’s not what you painted in my head
There’s so much there instead of all the colors that I saw

We all are living in a dream,
But life ain’t what it seems
Oh everything’s a mess
And all these sorrows I have seen
They lead me to believe
That everything’s a mess

But I wanna dream
I wanna dream
Leave me to dream

- Imagine Dragons 

  Leave me to dream .

Friday, 13 February 2015


 The world is suffering . It is  suffering from hate .  Hate is destroying our moral sense .  Look what it did to us . We are abusing people for the mistakes they never made , the crimes they never
committed . Hate is a poison . Some people are creating hate in our hearts and the output of this hate is turning out to be dangerous .

How can you call someone your  "National Hero " for killing three innocent people  ? Where is your humanity ?  You are losing it man , you are losing your moral sense . Innocent people are paying the price for the crimes that are done by some extremist group they never supported  .

Innocent people are dying everywhere in the hands of this poison . Don't let this poison grow man , throw it away . Hating each other will never solve the problem . Raise your voice against hate , be united against terrorism . No matter what the media says killing innocent people is an act of terrorism . It doesn't matter if he is black , white or purple . He is a terrorist . Hate got to him , don't let it get you . 

Let's create an united world , lets defeat terrorism and racism together .