Sunday, 30 June 2013

Beneath every darkness there is a light of hope .

  Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries with 150 million people, 31.5     percent of whom live below the national poverty line. In addition, child malnutrition rate rates of 48 percent, in condition that is tied to the low social status of women in Bangladeshi society.
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      If there is darkness , there is light .  Well these images were taken from a Sub urban area of Chittagong . There is a school right infront of these fields . Workers , farmers and women are working in these fields all day . They don't have much food to eat or to feed their kids . They only get some dirty water to drink . Where students of that school washes hands with bottle water . Looks like they learn a lot from their teachers and books .
    Well it is always hard to see a young girl or a  boy don't have any food to eat when they are hungry  or their parent's don't have enough money to send them to school . At least a thousand people and students walks through these fields everyday  most of them ignore these kids and poor people as if they don't exist . I don't whether they are blind or heartless but  they try to wear that young girls or boys shoes and see how it feels when u see children your age are going to school and you can't .
Beneath every darkness there is a light of hope . Maybe someday our country will be free from the curse of poverty , Maybe someday every single children will go to school but the question is are we doing anything for them ? Most of us are just ignoring these children's . I wonder what are u actually learning from school ? .

Well about  the place it is  beautiful . The beauty of green speaks for itself  .

 Rizvee Imran


Thursday, 27 June 2013

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Every single rainy day is filled lots of small stories . Stories that we may remember for or we might forget them . Just let the rain touch you and enjoy yourself .

Leave the cover . Let rain wash your pain away . 

Feel the Rain love the rain .. 

Enjoy the Rain 

Let the rain wash away  the poison from your skin 

Don't be afraid of rain . Love it  , feel it and remember it . ! 

Go join them ! 

Get out of there and feel the rain . 

Join them before its over

Enjoy yourself .

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Super Moon 6/23/2013 ( In Bangladesh )

A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon's disk as seen from Earth. The technical name is theperigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. The term "supermoon" is not astronomical, but originated in modern astrology.[1] The association of the Moon with both oceanic and crustal tides has led to claims that the supermoon phenomenon may be associated with increased risk of events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. However, the evidence of such a link is widely held to be unconvincing. [2]
The next occurrence will be on June 23, 2013. This full moon was the closest and largest full moon of the year. It also presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013. The moon will not be so close again until August 10, 2014.[3]
They occur about once every 14 full moons in a full moon cycle.

   Rizvee Imran

Street life Bangladesh ( Part 2 )

    Street life in bangladesh is about endless joys and endless struggle . You may see a young child walking around with smile on his face on the other side you may see a little child begging for food and money
       Rizvee Imran