About Rizvee Imran

My name is Rizvee Imran . I was born back in late 90’s in Chittagong, Bangladesh .  I had a terrible disease when I was a child and was very sensitive, so I had to live with many restrictions . I never had the chance to live my childhood to the fullest . I have dreamed many dreams but most of them turned into Black and white just like my photographs but oh boy i never stopped dreaming . Some how i realized that every failure gives me an extra energy to do better . Lord didn’t made be the perfect for anything but i am thankful to Allah for the gift that he gave me . He made me an incredibly gifted dreamer . I have a dream to make journey of life . In this journey I  will speak to hearts , I will speak to minds , I will speak to faces and i will speak to emptiness . Failure can break my heart but it will never let it break my spirit . My dream is not about being successful , my dream is about leaving something behind when i am gone . Something that people will always remember . Keep me in your prayers .  

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