Monday, 13 May 2013

Some Street Foods of Chittagong

Street Shop or tea house foods - One of the most popular foods amongst Bangladeshi's 

Puri (a special kind of food made by flouer filled by daal) and tea of a Tong Dokan (roadside tea stall) are the most popular food and drink of the Chitagonian people.Not only in Chittagong, I think people from all over the Bangladesh are fond of these.

I can say,  however it is  Unhealthy, but So What! Everyone must have been watching the Tried these foods. Yes, there is a possibility of an upset stomach . Groups of small tea shops or restaurants adjust those yummy foods that makes u greedy . Well all i can say about these food is " খেলেও পস্তাবে, না খেলেও পস্তাবে।"

Whether you eat them or not you will regret. So better you go for a try and taste them

     Rizvee Imran 

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