Sunday, 2 June 2013

Life is a book and we are the authors of our own life .

    Life is a book and we are the authors . Well in childhood we all have lots of memories . Some of us have wonderful memories , Some of us have nightmares . But one thing is for sure everyone remembers their happiest moments of childhood and the darkest ones too . In very childhood we learn how to make friends and we do make a lot of friends from childhood who will be with us forever but some of us are not that fortunate to get those forever friends . Yes i had a lot of childhood friends but a  sad part of my life is i don;t know  where are they now .  Maybe i won't be able meet some of friends ever again . Well all miss our childhood . Those toys , those playmates . those hide seek games or those moments of madness . Well past is only gone for the moment but it made us who we are now . The way we talk , the way we behave and the the way we live our lives are a result of our childhood . Well i miss a lot of things from the past but our life a has better velocity than light . No one or nothing can stop it from going on . We should always walk beside our life and life it self will lead us to success .
  Rizvee Imran

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