Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Personal Favorites of 2013.

It was a year full of memories , dreams , success , pain , sorrow , achievements and lessons for me . In the end  i realized the fact that in this world i have to walk alone . Moments will come along like strangers and  it will go with  scars in our hearts . I have met more people this year than my entire life . I learned to dream when i was a child and this year i learned how to make them true . Never got this many best wishes or congratulations letter before . I must be delighted with all those  letters or all the inspiration people gave me along the year . No man this year i learned a true reality of life . Life isn't easy , its not how it looks like . Life is a one way road . In this road of life we met strangers and sometimes we walk with them . Dream about a life with them . We fall in love with them but we never realize that hearts are never the same . Their destination is completely different from us . So when they realize they took the wrong way , they find their own way leaving us alone . We start walking again with a shallow heart that is broken into a thousand pieces , shattered dreams and lost faith . We have to walk our lifetime with the scars and pass the graves of the unknown knowing that the permanent stain will always walk with us . Different people has different stories ,  a different meaning of life . Don't try to judge anyone without being in their shoes . Life is not all about achievements and success . It is a book , it guides us through . I am walking alone a dream , scars , sorrow , a broken heart and stories deep inside . But i promised myself i will never stop walking . Maybe this is called legacy .  - Rizvee Imran

Triangle of life 

Don't just live , exist ! 

Portrait of an old farmer .  

Shallow Hearts .

If you have a cold heart that’s probably the greatest blessing you got but With a great heart you can win many people’s heart but your shallow heart won’t listen to any doctors advice when it will break 

My friend Shagor . We have something in common and it is a hidden shallow heart . 

This was my last year in school . I still remember the first day i entered the house of answers and last day isn't far away either . 

This boy teaches us how to smile for the moment . 

In your emptiness , you will find yourself .

My little cousin raisa . I captured many portraits of her this year . 

Forget the past full of sorrow and dream about a better future . I am saying but i know that i can never recover from the scars of yesterday . 

Life goes through changes . Just keep your pain locked in a box and carry on .

A 7 year old smile . 

The ones who push the limits, discover the limits sometimes push back.

                                                Happy New year .

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