Thursday, 22 May 2014

" Faces of the unknown ( Colour ) "

We live in a world of 7 billion and we all have faces , the faces of our own and There is a story behind every face , a sadness beneath every smile , hope behind every emotion and I always try my best to find these hidden stories, sadness and emotions behind every face i capture , not just with my camera , with my heart as well . Everywhere i go i see faces , the faces that i have never seen before are probably the faces i will never forget .  Their faces tells me something , i see something through their eyes and i don't have words to describe that feeling . 

When i see my face in the mirror , i see different faces of the same person and that person is me . It may sound funny but i actually can't remember my own face . I carry many faces with me . The people i  photographed  , the people i have only seen once . I try find my self in these faces because i am lost , lost in the pain deep down me . I am really close to the children's faces . Sometimes you can see the world in a child's eye . They have the ability to smile while in the darkest moment of their lives and i believe we can't keep our tears away in the happiest moments of our lives .  " Life is not a math that can be solved by theories " Its a short time , we should be happy with what we have and work hard for what we want . These children's can teach us how to be happy with a little .

A young boy i found beside a local car store .

What are you doing here ? 

- I am working 

Do you go to school ? 

- No 

Do you want to go there ? 

- Yes

He was playing in the field , he saw me with my camera and posed for a photograph .

They were playing a game of their own , i don't what they call that game . 

He says " I rock "  

"That's how big your heart is "

They were sitting beside a traditional " mejhban " gate , waiting for some food .

For you , for them

Some kids having their long awaited " Mejhban food '. Tradition is not only for the rich or poor , its about sharing your happiness and sorrow with everyone .

My precious

Found these three little ladies in a village called " Ghobindor Khill "here in chittagong , just beside my grand father's Mansion . I photographed all of them . One thing i noticed about them is they never stop smiling ., A priceless , everlasting smile. Hope we will meet again . I never forget them even if we don't 

The brightest smile 

The face i never seen before is probably the face i will never forget

I will remember you 

I met her twice . First day she ran away from me . The next day she came to me and asked to take a photo of her . Maybe she will forget my camera and me but i will always remember her .


There is something in her smile , Something mysterious .

Don't just smile , Laugh and don't just laugh , laugh out loud !  

Thanks for the smile dear !

Can I take your Photo ? 


What's your name ? 

I wont tell but you can take my photo 

A smile brighter than sun

Hi what's your name ?

My name is " hihihi " —

Brothers under the sun .

 They were walking around , trying to find a tree to rescue themselves from the unbearable heat , i found them on the  way and realized their innocents will never talk to you .  

Smile for the moment . 

Found this little boy beside a local slum a year ago and i have never see a smile as great as this . 

Found this guy around my house riding his cycle . 

Don't hide your face from the sunlight , let it warm your soul up !

Why don't you like me ? 

Because you are weird . 

Cycle Boys 

Another biker who lives around my house , he saw me with my camera and asked me for a photograph . 

Smile a little , just a little 

I had to walk to reach the 15 th floor because the elevator wasn't working . I found this little lady on my way and i  took her photograph 

My eyes , your eyes 

He wasn't allowed to play with his friends and he was sitting beside the field alone . He didn't mind my company 

2 of them 

These two young ladies goes to a school just beside the one i used to go to . I found them and i guess one of them didn't like me at all . 

In the end of the day the journey is more important than the end or the start . Life is a journey , maybe a short one or maybe a long one but we gotta make use of the little time we have in our hands . Work hard , live hard , pray as much as you can and keep smiling . 

Rizvee Imran 

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  1. They say "each picture has a story behind it"....loved your pictures n your stories...all the best!