Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Gift of loneliness .

We are human beings .  We are the  people who dream , we are the people who hope , we are the people who love , we are the people who win  . But most of the time our dreams , our hope or our love goes to waste and then we have this so called overwhelming sadness . Its a sticky kinda pain . It doesn't go away that easily but one day when your time will come to understand the fact that its all a part of our life , it happened because it was suppose to happen . Pain is the best teacher . It cleans you up and teaches you how to stay strong . 

Biologically we are born as a human being but technically we are idiots who needs to learn more everyday  . Your three or four year old Facebook status is an example for that .  We gotta learn , learn how to build up a strong  person . Learn how to pick up the pieces of our broken dreams . Set up an ultimate goal but you have set up small goals to reach that like every sea needs the atoms of H20 to be a giant .  

If life leaves you lonely , be your own soldier and live . It only gets tougher . Today you will cry for your love or some other stuff but tomorrow all these things will look stupid to you . You will learn the real meaning of your life . Be hurt , be broken but then again be strong .  

- To be continued

   Rizvee Imran

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