Friday, 13 February 2015


 The world is suffering . It is  suffering from hate .  Hate is destroying our moral sense .  Look what it did to us . We are abusing people for the mistakes they never made , the crimes they never
committed . Hate is a poison . Some people are creating hate in our hearts and the output of this hate is turning out to be dangerous .

How can you call someone your  "National Hero " for killing three innocent people  ? Where is your humanity ?  You are losing it man , you are losing your moral sense . Innocent people are paying the price for the crimes that are done by some extremist group they never supported  .

Innocent people are dying everywhere in the hands of this poison . Don't let this poison grow man , throw it away . Hating each other will never solve the problem . Raise your voice against hate , be united against terrorism . No matter what the media says killing innocent people is an act of terrorism . It doesn't matter if he is black , white or purple . He is a terrorist . Hate got to him , don't let it get you . 

Let's create an united world , lets defeat terrorism and racism together . 

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