Saturday, 25 May 2013

We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the reality .

            It's estimated that there may be two hundred and fifty million                                  Children in the world engaged in some form of exploitative child labour.

In a poor family . Where Parents cant afford the minimum amount of money to feed their children and they see no other option but to use their children's as labors . There are no school for these children's or play grounds .Go one door to another look for work or search for some reuseable materials here and there is their daily routine . These kids walks around to feed themselves and even their parents . Whom should we blame for their situation .?  No we can't blame their parents , every parent love their son more than anything else in the world . They were forced take to do this . Well i blame my self for this . Cant we be a little more unselfish ? Can't we try to help them ? Maybe donate a little amount of money every month .  Well this is the real face of Bangladesh . We talk a lot but do nothing .We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the reality .

Rizvee Imran 


  1. Really I appreciate your contribution to creating awareness against CHILD LABOR. I believe Bangladesh need some pure and sincere society changers like you.