Sunday, 26 January 2014

Faces of the unknown

What's on your mind ?  Right now  i am thinking what should i write here . 

 Couple of years  ago i started my journey as a clicker . At that time I wasn't allowed to take my camera outside home .  I walked around the house with my camera and started capturing things in between four walls . I always try to  find stories in living and still things . That's how i learned how to handle a camera . As the legend said " your first " 10,000 pictures are your worst "  My first photos weren't that especial to be honest . But i felt i am learning something new everyday and after 3 years i still feel the same way . Somehow photography became a huge part of my life . I never realized how it happened . But it turned out to make a better person out of me .

Every child is silent dreamer . 

  So basically i  have learned photography from photographic failures but  i always had that  belief  i can do better everyday and that belief and that confidence became my legacy along the way . That legacy is everything that i stand for .People came to my life and they left me when i needed them most , but they will always remain in memory not as sorrow but as a reminder . " You must follow your legacy ,  find a path through the unknown and remember  you won't find anyone to hold your hands , the sorrow of rough life , the broken dreams and your broken heart will always keep those scars intact . The scars aren't there to show what you  have lost but its  there to  remind you of your legacy ".  


  Life is the greatest teacher . It teaches us how to become from being practically nothing to being everything  we want to be . I was never a good student in the class . Never got any awards on school events but i always thought there must be something which is different about me . So as i said three years back i started my journey as a clicker and probably had no chance to be good in Philosophy or in finding the moments of life that has the ability to tell stories . But i always had that dream i that maybe one day i can achieve something that i can be proud of . Make my parents or my family proud . Well talking about family , you probably think my family supported me in this passion through out my carrier , then i must you got that one all wrong . I started taking photos with my brothers camera and wasn't allowed take it out side . I remember once i got a warning that they will break my camera in to pieces if i keep walking around with that .


   But as they never let go of things you love . Well let make this one a little more sufficient , never let go of the things that makes you proud  . Because i had to let go of many things that i loved , then again i realized that they never loved me . You better walk an empty road which may sound like a  path full of sorrow but trust me if you are chasing something which will never be never yours , you will only find yourself crying from inside at the end of the day .  

The Boy 

   So i kept walking and kept searching for stories . I am always on the run . Some say  the road you are walking is unknown and you will lose your way in the end . But i know i must hit the road of the unknown and keep walking . This is the only way i know and i know when i die people will remember my name not for the awards nor for my award winning photographs but for my legacy . 


     I am not looking back at what achieved , i am looking back at what i lost .Sometimes you feel the love that you lost wasn't worth of losing  , the heart that you broke wasn't worth of breaking . I am not sharing the story of my life with you . You will have to pick the pieces up of my life and join them one by one .  I have learned that sorrow makes a man stronger . Happiness and feeling of being loved makes  a man weaker . So i don't search for love anymore , i search for faces who tells me their stories without saying a word . 

Smile , smile and smile again ! 

I see faces who has nothing be happy about but yet they find a reason to smile , they find a reason to be happy . I learned how to smile for the moment from these people . They can be our greatest inspiration at times . I try to send a message with every singe photo i capture . 


We all feel lonely in this world one way or another . We might have everything or everyone we need but there is always that one person , Some memories or a broken dream we keep deep inside us . Yes this planet of 7 Billion is such a lonely world .

The everlasting smile .. 

People always tell there is no use of the things you do . I keep my mouth shut , never screamed back because i know these people have no idea about what they are saying and whatever i say they will never respect my legacy so i don't care . You can't beat the speed of it , because man my legacy runs faster than the light itself .  

Hide and seek 

Little Sunshine , August 2013 

Back to school 

The walk  


The Smiley face

2X Smile ! 

Eye Contact 

Smile for the moment

The End 


  1. Good to see you are taking serious steps like opening up your blog... a must for a serious photographer who wants go pro...
    All amazing photos here... you have shown a maturity level well beyond your years to weed through your library and showcased the bests of the bests in a very cohesive manner.
    My warm congratulations on the site launch, Rizvee.


    Eye Opener Pratyay

  2. Your post here is filled with excellent photos - well done.

    1. Thanks David , I feel proud every time you say something about my work :)

  3. Speechless, well describe & full of lovely photos. Wish you all the best, for your long journey. God bless you