Monday, 22 April 2013

How to Find True Happiness

   Where can we find happiness ? 
    Money ? No 
    Why not ?  Money can buy everything but 
    Not Happiness 
    Then why these poor people suffer ? 
    Some poor people are lot more happier than the Rich ones .. Maybe yes u can buy a car with ur money but u           just cant buy happiness with it ... It is a simple enough fact let me tell you a story it should make this thing clear ..Lets pretend There is a guy called rakib he is son of rich a businessman who earns million every month .. and there is another called rabbi who is an orphan .. Rakib's Daily routine .. Wake Up - Go to School - Eat - Play video games - Sleep and lets see what Rabbi got in store for us ... okay so doesn't have a daily routine but he does all these things a day ( more or less )  Wake up - Go Out - Climb a tree - Steal Fruits and run - Goes to School -Bunks  for school and gets away with that - then search for a days jobs - does a lot of work - comes back home smiling - Goes to swim in a local pond and bla bla bla .. No one is going to stop him from enjoying his life ... He is more than happy with 10 TK a day  20 tk is like treasure for him .. now lets look at rakib he has a lot of expensive things such a computer , Playstation , ........ and he asks for more everyday ... Its like the more we get the more we need and the more we need the more we ask ... So be satisfied with what we have ..Save your money for some one who really needs it ... Don't be selfish .. the more we  share the more we earn :) .. Hope u like these Pictures 







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