Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rain and Pain

There are just too many things, to explain, when it rains,
Guess it pours, yes it does, wish there wasn't any pain.

Rain and Pain . The Words are almost the same with different meaning .
Rain gives us a new hope , pain gives us sorrow . To be honest i love rain . But yesterday's rain seemed to be a bit different to me . Maybe because the word tragedy played a big part in there . Well some pains are hard to forget . We don't need to forget . We just have to make that pain our Strength .

                                Feel the change . Feel the power of pain . It change the whole story .

                      Make pain fall like rain . We have to move forward . You cant just sit there  and weep
          for it . Feel it  and Change . Live your life , Perfect your life . Do something you can be proud of .

    There are moments when you wont feel like doing anything . That wont help the cause . Just wake up
              Take a shower of rain . Don't give misery use ur pain . Pain is gift make good use of it .

     You will fall , You will fail and You will suffer all alone in your misery . Maybe there will be no one you can share your misery with . All you have to do is PICK YOUR SELF UP AND LIVE . There will be times like this . No one can be forever eventually no one can be forever sad . Yes you can live on take your pain as part of your life . Like i said before JUST PUT YOUR PAIN IN A BOX AND LOCK IT DOWN .

    When u fall never look down . Get up fight , live . Life is a story . Don't make it a sad story . you will have      your moments . Don't wait for it to come . Live your present . Dont weep for something that is lost .

    Don't just exist Live !
    Rizvee Imran

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