Saturday, 27 April 2013


     Life is a story . What kind of story ? The Choice is yours . Maybe a life full of joy , success and pleasure or a life full of pain , sorrow , sadness , sickness , illness  and failure . Well u might say " How can we pick between pain and happiness both of them are parts of our life even the legends says that man u must be out of your mind ' . Well yeah sadness and pains are parts of out life but if we keep thinking about our sorrow and sadness we will never be happy . We have to accept the reality and get on with it .  I mean once it is gone its gone forever it will never comeback . So we should stop thinking about our sadness and start being awesome .  Live ur moments while u can and be happy with what u have . If we look up we will only feel jealous of em . In this case we should look down and feel the pain down stairs . You are much happier than them it doesn't mean u can be proud of that . You might lose everything u have at some point and u don't

want to live  any more well look down you will get your reason to live man and stop being sad about ur past .Live yours present , live your moments , make urself something special . Losing someone u loved is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD . In fact it is a lesson for you . Nothing is permanent and for those who attempts to kill their selves after getting dumped by  gf/bf well i have 4 words for them YOU ARE AN IDIOT . Please die you have no right to live in this world . Okay that was harsh losing your gf/bf

is not the end of the world . Start a new life and rock it in new way or if you are like me then u would have dumped him / her earlier . Human has different faces u only know the viral face the organic face is the real face that u have to understand .  So don't be mad for anyone be yourself man

    Pains and sadness are the most common parts of our life . We may think upper stair people are lot more happier than us then we are wrong about it . We all have different kinds of pains . It doesn't means we have to let  pain  beat us just keep doing what u do best you will get your reward . Never lose hope the victory
 is near .

    Learn how to enjoy your life don't be selfish . Live for others . Do not let others destroy your day . Ignore the ignorant people . Be  with those who cares  about you . Don't care about those who never cared about you . Learn to enjoy your life . Make it habit . Ignore your sadness . Just follow the right path the victory is                         yours .

 Be brave . Don't be one of those who can't do a thing on his own . Be one of those who believes he can change the world . A single man can change a lot .

  There will be pains . Pains that may bite our brains out , pains that might make us cry but try your best to ignore the. Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.Respect others in their views and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life.
                                   JUST PUT YOUR PAIN IN A BOX AND LOCK IT DOWN
                                                                     Rizvee Imran


  1. Jan Thompson was do right about you. Live life and prosper

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