Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Something is missing

 I Suppose fairy tales aren't true but these kids don't watch cartoons like Cinderella , Pokemon or  Tom and  Jarry . These days Doremon is the most famous cartoon amongst  them . Well is sad how great cartoons like Popeye , Captain America and most of the 90's Cartoons are now lost .Well My favorite cartoon was 

  Scooby-Doo  . I haven't watched that cartoon in ages but i remember most it ... Well i think all

Doremon and all the cartoons kids are crazy about these aren't going to  help them grow up smarter . I think                                                                                                   
all these cartoons are translated in Hindi so kids these days aren't learning How to speak English better they 
are learning how to speak Hindi better which is sad .. I have lots of kids speaking hindi fluently but they can hardly speak English ... We can't depend on text books for a better English ... So i guess something is missing from this generation

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