Saturday, 27 April 2013

 Photography is a vision ... Photo Journalism is expressing
that vision with your WRITING .. There is a famous proverb about photography " You are a real Photographer only if your photos can tell the whole story all by it self . If u want to write about it yes u can ... But your photographs must define itself ... If some asks me  what is the meaning of this photograph .. Well some might say that guy must be blind... I will i failed ... I failed to capture a real photograph ... Well it is still early days for me .. I have long way to go ... At moment i am trying to get something that's missing from my photographs... I want take all the good things along with the bad things i have done so far in last two years with my camera ....
But i want you guys to criticize about me .. I wont underestimate anyone ... THE MORE U CRITICIZE THE MORE I LEARN
 Rizvee Imran

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