Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Close the Doors

Well faith and trust are two different things really . The more we trust someone , the more we start to like that person .. But sometimes we are not lucky enough to get to  that sort of person in our lives
so we become desperate. We look for that kind of person everywhere and finally we get someone like that . We trust them , we share our feelings with them , we tell em the stories no one knows about us and somehow we start to love them .. and what we get for it ? Some one calling mocking with ur feeling behind ur back ? .. Omg that's harsh that must be an unknown guy .. No that is not an Unknown guy it is that person u loved . it is that person u shared ur feelings with , it is that person u wanted to give ur everything away for . I am sorry i don't want hurt anyone but it is the truth most of the time .. Being an honest and good guy is not like the movies or fairy tales in this cruel world ...
Moral of the story we should never trust or love anyone from our heart like crazy ... 
A Broken heart that's all u will get for it 
Just close the god damn Door and never let anyone open it again ..
                      .................   Rizvee Imran 

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