Monday, 29 April 2013

I am ashamed of my self are you ?

 Bangladesh is a the 12 th happiest country in the world . Well yes we are happy because we know how to ignore the reality . As they say we can ignore the reality but cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the reality . Well what do you see here ? . Maybe Children's going to school , fathers are  going to office or doing business and Mothers are happy housewives ,  school teachers or what ever . We call this a happy family that's what you see right  . But i am sorry i cant agree with you . The reality of this  nation is children's cant go to school  . Maybe he / she has  parents or maybe not .  A boy my age working to survive each day . A boy my age who cant go to school or a boy my age who lost his loved ones on that tragic accident in savar . The true colors of this nation is black and white . The true happiness is getting a little more than 20 , 30 tk a day . Well  who should we blame for this ? . Our government  ? . Well i blame my self . Because i am getting everything they cant even dream about . I am wasting money on expensive things when a boy my age is dying to get some food out there . When an old man cant take any kind of medicine when he is sick .  I am ashamed of my self are you ?  ... To be continued

                                 Rizvee Imran

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  1. relay bro it's true ............. we r just born to look and sit there where we r .I am ashamed of my self